Frequently asked questions

Here you can check the frequently questions in the anonymous reporting channel of RESIDENCIAS DE ESTUDIANTES, S.L.

Can I report an employment situation if I do not belong to the company?

Yes, the channel is open for different actors in the business environment to help detect unlawful activities. In any case, in the case of complaints about the service offered, there are other channels available for submitting such complaints.

How can I increase anonymity when reporting?

Some tips to achieve maximum anonymity, in addition to informing that the report is anonymous, are:

· Make sure that in the description of the communication you do not include information from which it is easy to identify you. The same applies to the documents you attach as possible evidence.

· Do not report from a computer connected to the company network, including a mobile phone connected to the corporate wifi. Ithikios, as the company that owns the platform, does not record information, but before it reaches our systems it must pass through our own control systems such as proxy's or firewalls and there may be configurations that allow us to know which services you connect to.

· You can use the open source browser TOR, which anonymises the IP address.

How is personal data processed?

In accordance with the provisions of the data protection regulations in force, RESA is responsible for the processing, management, and storage of the personal data of all persons involved in the inquiries and complaints. Both these and the external experts contracted comply with the technical and organizational measures necessary to guarantee the security of the data and avoid its alteration, loss and unauthorized processing or access.

The Whistleblower Channel is designed to apply the current regulations on personal data protection.

I have lost my password to check the status of my complaint. What can I do?

Unfortunately, for security reasons, only the alerter knows your access code and password. If he/she loses either of them, he/she will not be able to follow up the communication. This does not mean that the communication will not continue, but simply that he/she will not be able to see how it is progressing, or to provide more information if the company requires it.

If there is an emergency, should I use this channel?

No, this channel is not intended to handle emergencies. Contact the authorities or emergency services in this case.

Is anonymity in reporting guaranteed?

In the reporting process you can decide whether or not to report your personal data. If you decide not to do so, you will need to set up your own monitoring through the reporting channel to see the progress and resolution. The channel will provide you with a username and password to access the progress of the report. The channel is independent of the company and does not record information on the ip from where you connect.

Is there any code of ethics in which to review reportable conducts?

Yes, you can review the Code of Ethics here.

What happens if the content of a complaint is later found to be false?

The important thing is to act in good faith and that there is reason to believe that the reported facts are true. RESA does not expect the complainant to investigate the facts. It is the Ethics Committee that should assume this function. If the investigation concludes that no violation has occurred, and it is concluded that the reporter has acted in good faith, the reporter should not fear retaliation of any kind.

What is the RESA Whistleblowing Channel?

It is a channel of communication that RESA places at the disposal of all those collectives defined above with access to this Channel. Through this means, communications may be sent referring to the scopes of application of the Code of Ethics or of any other internal policy and rule of application of RESA.

When will I receive a response to my complaint or inquiry? What is the resolution timeframe?

The Ethics Committee will communicate the acceptance of the complaint/consultation within a maximum period of 7 calendar days. The resolution period for consultations shall be a maximum of 90 days, unless the complexity of the case justifiably requires a longer period.

Where is the platform that manages the channel?

The Whistleblower Channel operates on an external platform, Ithikios, as the platform owner, receives the reports and automatically sends them to RESA for evaluation. Ithikios servers are in European data centres. Your data is encrypted to avoid intrusion risks as much as possible.

Who handles the complaints?

The Ethics Committee. The members of the Ethics Committee initiate the relevant investigations. If deemed necessary, the research is outsourced. The persons involved in the research are also bound by the duty of confidentiality and the privacy policy.

Who manages the whistleblowing channel?

The Channel is managed by the compliance officers of RESA companies with access to the Channel, with the collaboration, if necessary, of external experts.

Why do I have to report what I know?

Integrity, accountability, and transparency are core values for RESA. We have an obligation to know and understand our Code of Ethics. We also have a responsibility to report any non-compliance with our Code.